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Wood Buffalo Home Renovations

If you’re considering Wood Buffalo home renovations start with an inspection. Sometimes we look at something so many times we don’t really “see” it anymore. An inspection or consultation will cost you much less than any catastrophe it could prevent. Inspections are available for chimneys, roofing, foundations, waterproofing, and more. Fort McMurray Custom Closets would be happy to provide a consult for kitchen, bath, office, or garage cabinets; and closets for any room. Also consider us for basement suites.

Wood Buffalo Home Renovations may include an upgrade in the exterior siding, bathroom enhancements, flooring fixes, a kitchen makeover, or closet organization system. When it comes to your home’s exterior, siding generally recovers 88% of its initial investment in the event of resale. And of course it protects everything else in your home.

The bathroom may be the smallest room in your house, but you likely spend significant amounts of time there each day. If your morning routine goes more smoothly, so will your day. Bathroom remodels recoup about 78% of their investment! And you can’t measure the way you’ll feel in a bathroom you love. Just replacing a sad-looking, old cabinet and adding a fresh coat of paint on the walls might give your bathroom the facelift it needs. No job is too small for custom Fort McMurray Cabinets

Just as a bathroom renovation is almost always a wise investment, so is the kitchen. This room is a place where we spend considerable time. Groups gather here when company arrives, and harried chefs rush about to get dinner on the table every night. An efficient and well-designed kitchen saves time and builds equity into your home. It’s easy to go overboard on this favorite room, so focus on what really needs upgrading. would be happy to give you our two cents.

Remember, fixing minor issues before they become major is always wise. Upgrades will aide in aesthetics and efficiency now and for years to come. Contact us today.

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